WATCH: Rusev featured in chest cream parody commercial

WATCH: Rusev featured in chest cream parody commercial

Former WWE Superstar Rusev (Miroslav Barnyashev) has posted a parody commercial on his YouTube channel.

In the video, the former WWE star is trying to sell chest cream. This video comes after he released a commercial for Miro’s Leg Cream.

Now, he’s trying to sell Miro’s Chest Cream the short commercial is under 40 seconds. You can watch the entire video by clicking on the player below:

Rusev was just one of many people who were released by WWE in April as the company was cutting back on expenses including talent and staff. His non-compete deal expired back on July 15th.

While many thought that he would find a landing spot with another promotion quickly after his non-compete deal expired, he decided to go a different route.

Rusev has decided to become a full-time content creator as he announced earlier this week that he is done with pro wrestling.

He was briefly banned from Twitch for what was believed to be due to a video that showed Lana in a bikini although that wasn’t confirmed. His channel has since been unbanned.

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